For media

Massmedia and "Coming out"

Providing the media the objective information about the LGBT-communities of St. Petersburg is one of the activities of LGBT-initiative group "Coming out".

We share with journalists about:
- cases of discrimination against LGBT-people in St. Petersburg (current statistics, scenaries of frequently occuring offenses, intervieus with victims with the consent of the latter);
- trials supported by our initiative (case progress, interim and final court decisions, comments of lawers);
- urgent problems faced by LGBT-people in St. Petersburg (according to statistics from the legal and psychological services of "Coming out"). 

We help journalists to find heroines and heroes for the preparation of longreads- these are, of course, representatives of LGBT-communities themselves, as well as parents of LGBT-children and rainbow families (LGBT with children). We give media comments on events related to LGBT-communities in Russia and St. Petersburg, including comments from lawers and psychologists working with LGBT-people.

Contacts for media

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