About us


Since 2008, "Coming Out" works for universal recognition of human dignity and equal rights of all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI). We base our work on the principles of collaboration, visibility, and community involvement.
"Coming Out" is a public initiative and all the services that we provide for the LGBT community and the public are free of charge. This is possible thanks to the support of international funds, selfless work of dozens of volunteers, and the people who donate their own money for this difficult and important work.


The LGBT group has several programs. We provide free psychological and legal support to the LGBT community and their relatives, organize informational events - hold meetings, seminars, round tables, and produce information materials on LGBT issues and allied topics. "Coming Out" organizes sociocultural events in St. Petersburg, creating a platform for dialogue between different parts of society. As a result of our work, International Queer Fest of Russia took place in St. Petersburg for 7 consecutive years.

Among our programs are:

- Strategic litigation;
- Legal assistance;
- Psychological support;
- Monitoring of discrimination;
- Parents’ club;
- Trans*mission;
- Community center;
- Rainbow families;
- Volunteer team;
- Business as an ally.


We believe that human rights have the highest value and that every person, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, race, ethnicity or any other characteristic deserves respect.
Our work is based on the principles of nonviolence, non-provocation, lawfulness, network-building across civil society and community involvement. We are convinced that civil society can and should work constructively with the government in order to help it fulfill its obligations.
We listen to and appreciate the opinion of each member of the organization. We emphasize teamwork, mutual respect, and transparency of decision-making.
We seek to understand the needs of the LGBT community in order to provide appropriate services.
We are open to constructive dialogue with anyone who does not share our position.
We believe that we can succeed in creating a tolerant society only by joining our efforts with other people and organizations who share our vision and principles.