About the program

E-mail: masha@comingoutspb.ru

Parents Club is one of initiatives of ComingOut organization, focused on support of parents of LGBTQ+ community.

Project is helping parents to understand and accept their LGBTQ+ children.
“Parents Club” welcomes not only parents, but also siblings, friends and queer people themselves, who experience difficulties with relatives because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. 

Current Parents Club activities:

1) Regular support groups for LGBTQ+ community with participation of parents from Parents Club and professional psychologist.
2) Regular Parents Club meetings to support each other.
3) Preparation of informational pamphlets about coming out.
4) Interactive meetings with activist mothers.
5) Educational seminars, trainings and conferences for parents of LGBTQ+.
6) Free psychological and legal consultations for parents and relatives of LGBTQ+