E-mail: psych@comingoutspb.ru

Coming Out offers professional psychological support to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender persons and gender nonconforming persons, as well as to people with nonbinary and queer- identities. And for sure the support to the relatives of LGBT-people. 

Our psychologists are familiar with problems of self-identification and internal homophobia / transphobia, complicated coming-out issues, matters of raising children in same-sex families, as well as with many other special items that we face all the time. You can also ask for psychological help regarding “general” issues: conflicts with the partners, communication problems, low self-esteem, shyness, anxiety, fears, problems with searching for the partner, various crisis situations.

Our services are free of charge.

Program works in several areas: 

• we offer up to 4 individual / couples / family consultations; 
• every Tuesday a support groups for LGBT are running, where everyone is welcome (just come to our office any Tuesday at 18:30); 
• as may be required we offer remote psychological consultations via email, Skype or any other communication channel;
• we organize regular public workshops, lectures, trainings, dedicated to such relevant topics as sexuality, gender or psychological health.