About the program

E-mail: trans@comingoutspb.ru
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Trans*mission is a ComingOut program for transgender people in Saint-Petersburg. We strive for broader inclusion of transgender issues in agenda for human rights movement and try to better understand and articulate experiences and needs of transgender people. We work towards greater sensitivity of questions of gender in general in LGBTQ+ community and culture as a whole.

We hold trainings about trans*inclusive work for LGBTQ+ initiative groups, hold discussion boards and outreach campaigns about trans specific topics and question of gender.

For transgender people, we provide consultations on the basis of peer to peer principle, where everyone can get information and receive support from people with similar experience.

Under umbrella of this program we hold Queer Wednesday. Queer Wednesday is trans/queer/feminist discussion board for transgender people and non-binary folks. We welcome people with every identity, body and gender experience, but give first floor to discussions of non-binary and queer identity.

Team of Trans*mission is ten transgender people with different identity and experience. Almost all Trans*mission projects are created and executed by team of volunteers: together we organize Queer Wednesday meetings, together we create pamphlets, hold trainings and do flash mobs.